OpenPEPPOL is seeking individual consultants to cover core activities within the functional areas listed below. All positions are based on part-time 3-month trial assignments preferably starting January 15th, 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter. These positions are open for individual contractors (sole proprietorships) or named resources from consultant companies only.


Open positions

  • PEPPOL Support Lead


About assignments in OpenPEPPOL

OpenPEPPOL assignments are structured according to the annual workplan and budget approved by the General Assembly, and are therefore based on an assignment cycle running from April 1st to March 30th for part time consultants.

To avoid conflicts of interest, OpenPEPPOL does not enter into long-term consultancy contracts with members of OpenPEPPOL, or contractors working in client facing positions for members of OpenPEPPOL, unless the contract is a temporary assignment or an expert position.


About the Operating Office

OpenPEPPOL is gradually expanding the Operating Office to cover the functional areas illustrated below. For budget reasons, all functional areas, except the AISBL operations, have been handled by volunteers, in-kind contributed resources and ad-hoc assignments in the past. As part of the growth strategy of OpenPEPPOL, the use of volunteers and in-kind contributed resources in Operations will be reduced dramatically over the next 5 years, starting with the assignment of a part-time Operations Manager, a Technical Support Lead, and a Compliance Expert.


Open positions:

PEPPOL Support Lead