PEPPOL Compliance Lead (Expert Role)

PEPPOL Compliance Lead (Expert Role)

The position of PEPPOL Compliance Lead is a new role in OpenPEPPOL, previously not in focus for OpenPEPPOL operations. The role is an Expert position with the responsibility to establish the operational strategy, structure and procedures to ensure compliance in the OpenPEPPOL e-Delivery Network and the use of the PEPPOL BIS based on the normative specifications defined in the PEPPOL Agreement Framework.


The PEPPOL Compliance Lead reports directly to the Operations Manager and is responsible for establishing the basis for compliance monitoring, measurement and management of the PEPPOL network, -specifications and -agreements. The PEPPOL Compliance Lead shall provide expert assistance and direct support to the monitoring of compliance of Service Providers signing directly with OpenPEPPOL, and develop guidelines for PEPPOL Authorities on how to monitor, measure and manage compliance of the Service Providers with whom they have signed Agreements.


In 2018, the focus areas of the PEPPOL Compliance Lead will be:

  • Define and document the overall criteria for measuring compliance for the e-delivery Network and the normative use of the PEPPOL BIS.
  • Establishment and implementation of processes and procedures for monitoring compliance amongst Service Providers that have signed agreements directly with OpenPEPPOL
  • Provide direct guidance to PEPPOL Authorities related to adhering, ensuring and monitoring compliance to the PEPPOL network, specifications and Agreements.
  • Suggest measures for handling non-compliant PEPPOL implementers, to ensure compliance
  • Support the OpenPEPPOL management in dialogue and dispute handling with non-compliant OpenPEPPOL Members.


On a professional level, it is important that you are structured, focused, self-driven and able to identify the possible lack of compliance in the intentions communicated by the PEPPOL authorities. Attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of PEPPOL policies and core requirements are essential for your success, and it is mandatory that you communicate clearly and unambiguously in a  fluent level of written and spoken English.

For additional information please contact Anna-Lis Berg, OpenPEPPOL Deputy Secretary General (and current D2D Manager of Operations).


Expected start date: 

Preferably 15 January, but 1 March 2017 at the latest


Trial period:

Up to 3 months


Expected workload: 

The assignment is a fixed price assignment requiring your availability minimum 1 day a week.

To apply for the position, please send your CV and a letter of motivation to

Incoming applications will be reviewed, as submitted and the position will be filled as soon as a suitable candidate is identified.


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