Pre-Award Specifications and Guidelines

Pre-Award Specifications and Guidelines

In this page you will find the PEPPOL BIS Specifications for the Pre-Award community:


Below you can find a full list of the current PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) for the Pre-Award area.

The listed PEPPOL BIS are formally approved by the OpenPEPPOL Managing Committee and the pre-award community.


PEPPOL BIS eDocuments guide for pre-award

Describes the cryptographic specifications needed to execute the pre-award processes


PEPPOL BIS eDelivery guide for pre-award

This document describes the common building blocks to able execution of pre-award processes.


PEPPOL BIS Pre-award metadata profiles

P001 – Procurement procedure subscription

P002 – Procurement document access

P003 – Tender Submission


PEPPOL BIS Pre-Award catalogue

PEPPOL BIS Pre-award catalogue is part Tender Submission process



PEPPOL BIS ESPD 1.0 Request is part of Procurement document access process

PEPPOL BIS ESPD 1.0 Response is part of Tender Submission process