Sep 30, 2019


8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Vienna, Austria

OpenPEPPOL at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2019, Sept 30 to Oct 1, in Vienna


Please join us at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2019 on September 30th to October 1st in Vienna, where OpenPEPPOL will be:


  • Presenting: PEPPOL – From European To Global E-Invoicing And E-Procurement Interoperability (Sept 30)
    • The PEPPOL Interoperability Framework and its main concepts
    • The use of PEPPOL in Europe and beyond
    • The benefits of PEPPOL – experiences so far
    • The next steps towards global interoperability


  • Taking part in a Panel Discussion: What Should be the Next Steps for Truly Global Interoperability? (Sept 30)


  • Holding a free OpenPEPPOL Seminar: Invoicing and Procurement Through PEPPOL – What Is the Value? (Oct 1)
    • How do public and private sector entities use PEPPOL for their invoicing and procurement processes?
    Learn about the experience of governments using PEPPOL to support national policies, as well as private companies using PEPPOL to support their business processes.
    • How to get started with invoicing and procurement through PEPPOL?
    Learn about OpenPEPPOL onboarding procedures, agreements, testing and support mechanisms, as well as the experience of service providers already on-boarded.


  • Welcoming visitors to the OpenPEPPOL booth (Sept 30 – Oct 1)


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