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The active OpenPEPPOL Coordinating Communities are as follows


PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community
Focus area: On-going maintenance of the Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA) and on-going sustainability of the e-Delivery network.
The CC provides a forum for all PEPPOL APs and SMPs for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
CC Leader: Hans Berg – Email:

PEPPOL Post-Award Coordinating Community
Focus area: On-going maintenance and expansion of the order and invoice related specifications. The CC provides a forum for all PEPPOL members interested in Pan- European Post Award standardization, for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
CC Leader: Soren Pedersen – Email:

PEPPOL Pre-Award Coordinating Community
Focus area: On-going development of the Pre-Award Specifications for tendering, including the Virtual Company Dossier and the eCatalogue.
The CC provides a forum for members interested in further development of Pre-Award eProcesses.
CC Leader: Isabella Rapisarda – Email:

OpenPEPPOL eSignature and eID Coordinating Community
Currently the community is not independently active, but members are engaged in the Pre-Award community instead.


OpenPEPPOL Coordinating Community Activities

Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC) – 2017 key initiatives

Strategy and Operations

  • Focus on OpenPEPPOL member needs
  • Position PEPPOL eDelivery as the preferred eInvoicing infrastructure
  • Extend PEPPOL eDelivery for use in the Pre-Award domain


Activity Scope and Content

  • Improved support for dispatch and tracking facilities
  • Extend eDelivery capabilities for Pre-Award use cases such as Tender Submission
  • Continued support for adoption in industry segments and verticals to increase the use of PEPPOL eDelivery
  • Continue collaboration with EC, CEF DSI and prepare for a permanent transfer of the SML to EC and adopting CEF AS4 eDelivery

Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC) – Key initiatives and milestones in 2017

Strategy and Operations 2017

  • GOAL 1: Complete work group for BIS Invoice Message Response (IMR)
  • GOAL 2: Complete the on-going pre-study on implementing the European Norm in OpenPEPPOL
  • GOAL 3: Implement support for EU e-invoicing norm:
  • Create BIS for the UBL syntax binding
  • Implement support for CII syntax binding
  • GOAL 4: Continue strengthening the work procedures and collaboration to be able to handle an increasing stream of requests for changes


Activity Scope and Content

  • Documenting work procedures for the post award coordinating community (PoACC) supporting increased quality and speed in deliverables
  • Continued collaboration with EC


Key milestones 2017

  • Support for EU norm – It should be easy for public entities through out Europe to live up to the e-invoicing directive through PEPPOL
  • Minor spring and autumn release mainly for updated validation artifacts
  • Major release for new version of PEPPOL e-invoice BIS


Pre-Award Coordinating Community (PrACC) – key initiatives and milestones 2017

Strategy and Operations

  • To support the implementation of Governance and Operations in the Pre-award Community
  • To support the on boarding of e-SENS pilot Partners in Pre-Award community  and eTendering Domain.
  • To enlarge the PrACC membership, with new members that will be practitioners of eTendering and ESPD/VCD interoperability implementation.
  • To ensure that PrACC becomes a truly representative body of stakeholders with a new concrete mission in 2017 and beyond.
  • To support DG GROW and the eProcurement DSI to provide adequate guidance to proposers that participate to the 2017 CEF Call and maintain a user community for pre-award.


Activity Scope and Content

  • Establish of new PEPPOL Authority for pre-award, entitled to sign  eTendering Agreement with tendering platform providers, based on the current example developed in e-SENS
  • Develop a TIA for pre-award Access Point Providers incorporating the requirements of pre-award such as the AS4 protocol and the provision of evidences.
  • Formalize the PrACC Change Management Board and undertake maintenance and update of the pre-award PEPPOL BIS, using the PEPPOL LCM procedures.
  • Work closely with DG GROW and the community to implementers that the CEF eProcurement DSI will establish for ESPD/VCD interoperability but also for eTendering later on (2017-18).
  • Review membership and addressing legacy issues with old eSign CC members and new member requirements


Key milestones in 2017

  • Implement the Pre-Award Circle of Trust on the PEPPOL network (Q2)
  • Initiate the go live of the new Peppol Authority for pre-award (Q3-4)