Join a Work Group

Join a Work Group

OpenPEPPOL establishes work groups to handle specific tasks needed to ensure sustainability of the PEPPOL artefacts. Each work group is owned by a member of the OpenPEPPOL management team, run by a workgroup leader and populated by OpenPEPPOL member representatives.

As a member of OpenPEPPOL you’re welcome to join all work groups unless the group is established as an appointed taskforce. By joining a work group, you commit to participate actively in the discussions and activities of the group, supporting the work group leader in providing the required deliverables and documentation.

Each Work Group is given a clear mandate, stating areas of responsibility, outcome and expected deliverables.

In order to join please contact the WG leader or owner directly – contact details are in the ‘Who is who’ section of this website. They will provide you with a copy of the mandate of the Work Group and the status of ongoing activities.


OpenPEPPOL Work Groups

Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC) Work Groups

Message Level Response (MLR) (Bård Langøy)

Centralized approval of Document Identifiers (Philip Helger)



Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC) Teams

Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community (TICC) Change Management Board (CMB) ( Hans Berg)



Post-Award Coordinating Community (PoACC) Work Groups

PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 Upgrade (Georg Birgisson)

PEPPOL BIS Invoice Message Response (IMR) (Ahti Allikas)

European Norm Invoice Project (Olav Astad Kristiansen)



Post Award Coordinating Community (PoACC) Teams

PEPPOL BIS Development Team (Olav Kristiansen)

PEPPOL Test Team: (Jan Mærøe)

PEPPOL BIS Change Management Board (CMB) ( Sören Petersen)



Pre-Award Coordinating Community (PrACC) Teams

E-Catalogues (Jan Maeroe)

E-Tendering Transition-IN (Kornelis Drijfhout)



Work Groups at organisational level

Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA) Revision II (Jostein Frømyr)

Annex 5 Revision (Steve Graham)

Internal Regulation (IR) Finalisation (Anna-Lis Berg)

PEPPOL Authority (PA) Reporting Template (Carmen Ciciriello)

Jira & Confluence migration (Mairi Haworth & Hans Berg)

Statutes Review *NEW* (TBD)



Teams at organisational level

PKI Handover Taskforce (Hans Berg)

Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA) Change Management Board (CMB) (Jostein Frømyr)

PEPPOL Authority (PA) Forum (André Hoddevik)