Nov 27, 2018 News

Launch of the OpenPEPPOL Centralized Testbed




OpenPEPPOL is now launching the centralized Testbed for AS2 and AS4 onboarding.


The latest approved PEPPOL AS4 profile can be located here:


This test facility will replace the Difi operated Acceptance Test and all new Access Point service providers are required to use this centralized service for proving compliance to the PEPPOL AS2 and AS4 profiles, going forward.


The first version of the Testbed is designed to be a self-driven process with four test cases that must all be completed, sequentially. Going forward, the goal is to expand the Testbed with additional test cases and other key verifications, to ensure that all new service providers operate with the same high quality of service that characterizes Access Points already operating in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network.


The Testbed will be operational from 28-11-2018


Full documentation on how to use the Testbed can be found at:


Support questions related to the Testbed and the testing process can be sent to the PEPPOL Service Desk located at:


Please note that issues or errors in your implementation will not be supported by OpenPEPPOL.