May 2, 2019 News

New publication dates for PEPPOL Post-Award (POAC) Spring Release 2019


During the final processing of the Spring Release, the development team has reported that the quality of the release was not certain enough to publish it on the scheduled date of May 1st.

The cause of this is that, with the alignment of the PEPPOL BIS specifications version 3.0 to the EN 16931, there are increased dependencies on components that are provided by other parties than the PEPPOL development team. Mainly the TC 434 validation artefacts and the invoice sellers country specific rules. This has caused challenges in the development process and increased the need for testing and quality assurance when adopting those components into the PEPPOL deliverables.


The Post-Award Change Management Board (POAC CMB) has therefore agreed to delay the release of the Spring Release by two weeks to the following dates:


Publication date, Wednesday May 15th.

Mandatory date, Wednesday May 29th.

This change also means that the Transition date (B) for the BIS 3.0 upgrade of documents other than the BIS Billing, changes from 2019-05-15 to 2019-05-29. The Phase out date (C) remains unchanged ( )


This delay does not affect the transition of the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 which became the mandatory invoice specification on April 18th ( )


The publication of the new PEPPOL Catalogue without response BIS 3.0 will also be delayed to 2019-05-15 to stay aligned with the rest.