Apr 5, 2022 News

OpenPeppol launches new website www.peppol.org


Peppol has an exciting future ahead of it. As adoption of the Peppol Network and Business Interoperability Specifications BIS continues to spread around the world and into new domains, we are exploring new areas and coming up with innovative ways to deliver services far beyond our original focus of invoicing and procurement.


To reflect this new future, we have launched a new Peppol website, providing tailored messaging to each stakeholder group, supported by comprehensive information to share a greater understanding of Peppol and the OpenPeppol organisation.


Explore our new website at www.peppol.org – we welcome your feedback which can be sent to info@peppol.eu.


Users of the existing Peppol website will find that technical information and support remains a key feature of the new website, together with our latest news and events, member listings, and the who-is-who section.


If you are new to Peppol, you are welcome to join our growing membership and become part of the Peppol story. See the JOIN page.


The existing www.peppol.eu website will continue to operate alongside the new site, and then it will be discontinued, and automatic redirects will be put in place.


Look out for more developments as we enhance the functionality of the new website over the coming weeks and months.


Peppol. The future is open.




April 2022