May 15, 2019 News

The Post-Award BIS Spring Release is now published


The Spring 2019 release of the PEPPOL Post-Award artefacts (BIS documents and validation artefacts) has now been published.


The release package and its release notes can be downloaded at:


This release from OpenPEPPOL includes changes to the mandatory validation artefacts for all published PEPPOL BIS 3.0 documents. The release also includes a new Catalogue without response BIS.


The BIS 3.0 specifications in this release are mandatory from May 29th, 2019 12:00 CEST.


From that date all mandatory documents in the PEPPOL network will be of version 3.0, which is aligned with the EN 16931. The BIS Billing 3.0 became mandatory on April 18th and now on May 29th the rest of the BIS 3.0 documents will become the mandatory versions. The previous versions in BIS 2 may be used as optional along side the mandatory versions during the phase-out period until they will be deprecated according to the migration plans found in this release.


Please prepare implementation and support for this release as soon as possible to be ready for the mandatory deadline.


Validation artefacts are the tools that help parties and service providers to comply with the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA) as they help to ensure that the contents of the exchanged document instances in the PEPPOL network are valid both from a syntactical and semantic point of view. These business rules check for the correctness of the coded values, co-occurrence constraints or calculations. It is therefore necessary to use them before submitting documents to the network, in order to ensure the overall quality of exchanged electronic documents, and thus the overall performance of the network.