Mar 5, 2018 News

Public review for SBDH 1.1 and Technical Validation Response 1.0

Public review drafts for two different message types:

  • PEPPOL SBDH Envelope 1.1 (update)
  • Technical Validation Response 1.0 (new message type)


We kindly ask you to review both specifications and provide your feedback no later than March 18.


PEPPOL SBDH Envelope 1.1 – please find the document here: ICT-Transport-OpenPEPPOL-Envelope_Specification-11_2018-03-04 PRD


What was changed in version SBDH Envelope 1.1 compared to previous version:

  • It is now possible to specify the document type identifier scheme and the process identifier scheme. Backwards compatibility is provided by using default values.
  • The new SBDH specification allows to add “additional attributes” that are e.g. used by the TVR specification. The main purpose is to have the possibility to provide processing support for the payload (if e.g. encrypted).


Technical Validation Response 1.0 – please find the document here: PEPPOL TVR 1.0 2018-03-04 PRD


A new specification called TVR 1.0 – Technical Validation Response.


It is a replacement for the Message Level Response (MLR) Policy specification which is no longer actively developed. The purpose is to easily exchange technical validation messages for arbitrary business documents.


Please note that the MLR specification remains a PEPPOL specification for the message construct and content, whereas TVR replaces the MLR Policy which has been extensively discussed in the workgroup and in many face 2 face meetings.


The TVR message is meant to be used in conjunction with AS4 message exchange only (but it can technically be used with AS2 message exchange). The use of TVR is dependant on the SBDH 1.1 specification.



Please provide your feedback no later than March 18 in this Google Spreadsheet:


The spreadsheet contains individual sheets for SBDH and TVR respectively.


Please be aware that all comments are editable by anyone who has the link, so do not edit or delete comments provided by someone else.


On behalf of OpenPEPPOL I would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts.



Hans Berg, TICC Leader