Sweden – Country Profile

Sweden – Country Profile

National e-Procurement context

In November 2014, the Single Face To Industry (SFTI) – a joint initiative in the Swedish public sector to promote e-procurement – recommend the use of the PEPPOL network for electronic procurement, to enable connected buyers and suppliers to easily communicate with each other.

The recommendation follows a previous SFTI decision to use PEPPOL as the messaging standard for the following electronic documents: catalogue, purchase order and invoice, which are united under the concept of Svehandel.

The Swedish National Financial Management Authority’s (ESV) participation in PEPPOL has primarily been focused on the introduction of eInvoicing and the establishment of common infrastructure designed to facilitate cross-border trade.

The Swedish government is considering to mandate eInvoicing to the public sector, forbidding paper invoices, and will implement the EU Directive on e-invoicing in public procurement into national law by 2019.


Use of PEPPOL in Sweden

The following PEPPOL components are currently in use in Sweden:

  • Transport Infrastructure (Access Points and SMP providers)
  • e-Invoicing
  • e-Ordering
  • e-Catalogue


PEPPOL Authority

The National Financial Management Authority (ESV) has the role of a PEPPOL Authority, which means that the ESV is responsible for the registration of companies that wish to become an Access Point (AP) or a Service Metadata Publisher (SMP).  ESV is also responsible for reporting, securing Sweden’s national interests, aligning overarching interests in the e-business space with other agencies (e.g. SFTI, SALAR and Kammarkollegiet), quality assurance of the operators’ services and ensuring the long-term adoption of e-procurement using the PEPPOL network as the platform.

The long-term goal of Swedish involvement in PEPPOL is to:

• Facilitate cross-border electronic trade – for both the public and private sectors.
• Increase public sector utilisation of e-invoicing and e-procurement through the use of open standards.
• Provide technical infrastructure to overcome the barriers that often prevent connectivity today.


PEPPOL support provided by the Authority
Onboarding support to Access Point and SMP providers

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Contact points

Please contact the PEPPOL team at DIGG by sending an email to: peppol@digg.se

Representative: Sören Pedersen, ESV

Email: Soren.Pedersen@digg.se


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