PEPPOL Authorities (PAs)

PEPPOL Authorities (PAs)

  1. Norwegian Agency for Public Management and eGovernment (Difi)

Contact: Olav A. Kristiansen:

For more information about PEPPOL adoption in Norway


  1. Swedish National Financial Management Authority (ESV)

Contact: Søren Pedersen:

For more information about PEPPOL adoption in Sweden


  1. Danish Business Authority (ERST)

Contact: Nihad Hodzic


  1. Simplerinvoicing Foundation

Contact: Kolette Visser:

For more information about Simplerinvoicing and PEPPOL


  1. National Health Service (NHS) in England

Main contact: Steve Graham

Area of responsibility: Department of Health PEPPOL Authority Manager



Primary contact: Carmen Ciciriello

Area of responsibility: DH PEPPOL Authority Technical Lead



Technical support: Please route to Primary Contact who will allocate as appropriate

For more information about NHS and PEPPOL


  1. Beleid en Ondersteuning – Stratégie et Appui (BOSA), Belgium

Contact: Serge Libert:

For more informatioon about Fedict and PEPPOL


  1. AGID – Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale
  • Main contact (the one signing the consortia agreement)


  • Primary contact – to be used by the OO for info, updates, statistics, etc.



Participation in OpenPEPPOL activities:


  • Transport Infrastructure
    • Iacopo Arduini, Intercent-ER Agency
    • Fabio Massimi, AgID


  • Post Award
    • Elisa Bertocchi, Intercent-ER Agency
    • Fabio Massimi, AgID


  • Pre-Award
    • Elisa Bertocchi, Intercent-ER Agency
    • Fabio Massimi, AgID


Work Group Name: PEPPOL eDelivery Capability Extension work group

Participant: Elisa Bertocchi, Iacopo Arduini


For more information about the Italian PEPPOL Authority, please vistit



  1. Ministry of Economic Development, Poland


General information
Jarosław Korczyński

Technical information
Tadeusz Rudnicki

For more information about Ministry of Economic Development and PEPPOL