Mar 12, 2020 News

2020 Elections to the eDelivery Community Leader and Change Management Board


OpenPeppol hereby launches the process to elect a new Leader and new Members to the eDelivery Community Change Management Board. All eDelivery Community members are expected to participate and cast their vote by email, as instructed below.


Open Positions and Candidates


A. eDelivery Community Leader:


There is one (1) open position in 2020, for 2-year term.


There are three (3) candidates for this position (in alphabetical order):

  1. Martin Mane, Australian Taxation Office
  2. Levine Naidoo, IBM Corporation
  3. Angelo Sebastio, Utility Pay (Schweiz) SA (ex Enercom Swiss Finance SA)


B. eDelivery Change Management Board members:


There are three (3) open positions in 2020, two (2) for 2-year term and one (1) for 1-year term.


There are five (5) candidates for these positions (in alphabetical order):

  1. Iacopo Arduini, AGID
  2. Risto Collanus, Visma Software International AS
  3. Espen Kørra, Digdir (former Difi)
  4. Bård Langöy, Pagero AB
  5. Angelo Sebastio, Utility Pay (Schweiz) SA (ex Enercom Swiss Finance SA)


The candidates with the first and second highest number of votes will be appointed to the two 2-year term positions and the candidate with the third highest number of votes will be appointed to the 1-year term position.


You can find the CVs and motivation letters of the candidates here:


How to Vote – until March 23rd, by email only


Voting will be made by completing the attached Voting Ballot and sending it by email to


You can find the Voting Ballot here: 2020 eDEC Elections Ballot_2020.03.12


Deadline for submitting your vote: March 23rd, 2020


Each Member should cast only one ballot in which there will be a choice of only one candidate for eDEC Leader and only one candidate for the eDEC CMB


Member organisations are responsible for authorising only one representative to vote on their behalf. Upon receipt of a vote by email, OpenPeppol will assume that the Member representative who sent it has been authorised by the Member organisation to do so. It is under the responsibility of Member organisations to have evidence of such authorisation and provide it if upon request, if needed.


Votes will be counted in confidentiality.


If there are any questions, please contact us at