Access Point (AP) Implementation Guidelines

Access Point (AP) Implementation Guidelines

Access Point Implementation guide

Please refer to the following document to obtain the nescessary information for becoming an Access Point Service Provider in OpenPEPPOL:

PEPPOL AP Implementation guide


OpenPEPPOL PKI Certificates

The PEPPOL certificate layer is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

OpenPEPPOL is migrating to a new PKI Certificate infrastructure in 2018 from version 2 to version 3 and as a result all PEPPOL Access Points and Service Metadata Publishers will be required to implement the capability to support both the new and the old root certificates before 3 September 2018. For a detailed overview of the migration plan, dates and responsibilities for service providers please visit the PKI Certificate Migration page


PEPPOL PKI version 3 AP and SMP certificates

For details, further information and downloadable Root CAs, please see:

Introduction to the revised PKI Certificate infrastructure and issuing process and the PKI Certificate Migration 2018 pages.

Please note that version 2 certificates must be requested from PEPPOL’s Jira Service Desk here: OpenPEPPOL Service Desk


OpenPEPPOL Acceptance Test for AS2 and AS4 Onboarding

All new Access Points must successfully complete the Acceptance Test through the OpenPEPPOL centralized test facility, before obtaining a production certificate.

Please follow the link for more information including the detailed test instructions:

Acceptance Test user guide