Compliance Policy 1.0

This Compliance Policy is focused on the contractual responsibilities of the Peppol Authorities, the Peppol AP and SMP providers with a view to ensure interoperability across the full Peppol eDelivery Network and to improve the communication and convergence between all actors. This can only be achieved if the OpenPeppol community maintains a common rule set, i.e. principles and compliance criteria, as a baseline for all actors involved.

The aim of the Peppol Compliance Policy is to establish a set of guiding principles and rules that can serve to clarify:

  • the degree of freedom given to Peppol Authorities when defining requirements in Annex 5;
  •  the operational aspects, such as sending documents without validation, using test certificates in production, mandatory BIS compliance, adherence to SLA terms, etc.;
  • ways of cooperation between Peppol Authorities in resolution of problems related to Service Providers with different Peppol Authorities as their contractual party.

The Compliance Policy can be found here: Compliance Policy 1.0