Pre-Award Specifications and Guidelines

Pre-Award Specifications and Guidelines

In this page you will find the PEPPOL BIS Specifications for the Pre-Award community:


Below you can find a full list of the current PEPPOL Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) for the Pre-Award area.

The listed PEPPOL BIS are formally approved by the OpenPEPPOL Managing Committee and the pre-award community.


PEPPOL BIS eDocuments guide for pre-award

Describes the cryptographic specifications needed to execute the pre-award processes


PEPPOL BIS eDelivery guide for pre-award

This document describes the common building blocks to able execution of pre-award processes.


PEPPOL BIS Pre-award metadata profiles

P001 – Procurement procedure subscription

P002 – Procurement document access

P003 – Tender Submission


PEPPOL BIS Pre-Award catalogue

PEPPOL BIS Pre-award catalogue is part Tender Submission process



PEPPOL BIS ESPD 1.0 Request is part of Procurement document access process

PEPPOL BIS ESPD 1.0 Response is part of Tender Submission process


ESPD Joint Position Paper OpenPEPPOL & EUPLAT

As a first initiative following the cooperation between OpenPEPPOL and EUPLAT, a joint position paper on ESPD has been produced to affirm the value of establishing interoperable solutions for ESPD implementations in Europe.

Both parties share a common concern for the individual national implementations of the European standards for e-Tendering, hence the position paper, which aims to showcase and emphasize the mature capability of ESPD to represent a best practice for the implementation of standardized procurement messages in the Pre-Award domain.

Please see the position paper at: OpenPEPPOL and EUPLAT Position paper .