Sep 30, 2019


8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Vienna, Austria

[UPDATE] OpenPEPPOL at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2019, Sept 30 to Oct 1, in Vienna – Updated with link to Presentations


UPDATE:  Presentations from the day, can be found at:


Exchange Summit Vienna 2019 09 30 Andre Hoddevik_Plenary Presentation


Exchange Summit Vienna 2019 10 01 PEPPOL Seminar – Presentations



Please join us at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit 2019 on September 30th to October 1st in Vienna, where OpenPEPPOL will be:


  • Presenting: PEPPOL as a Global Network Enabling Business transactions (Sept 30)
    • What is new in PEPPOL – global growth and value proposition
    • Moving towards international interoperability among world regions
    • Updating the governance model and agreements framework


  • Taking part in a Panel Discussion: What Should be the Next Steps for Truly Global Interoperability? (Sept 30)


  • Holding a free OpenPEPPOL Seminar (Oct 1)
    • Invoicing and Procurement Through PEPPOL – What Is the Value?
    – PEPPOL adoption by large buyers: case study for the energy industry
    – PEPPOL Adoption in the public sector: cases study of Greece
    – Q&A, Discussion
    • Extending Interoperability World-Wide using PEPPOL
    – International invoice project – interoperability among world regions
    – PEPPOL and tax compliance models
    – Q&A, Discussion


  • Welcoming visitors to the OpenPEPPOL booth (Sept 30 – Oct 1)


For further details and registration at: