Jun 3, 2019


9:15 AM - 6:00 PM


Bonn, Germany

OpenPEPPOL at the E-Rechnungs-Gipfel June 3-4 in Bonn


Please join us at the E-Rechnungs Gipfel event on June 3rd and 4th in Bonn, where OpenPEPPOL will present:  PEPPOL: From European to Global E-Invoicing and E-Procurement Interoperability.  There will also be an OpenPEPPOL Meeting held at 16:30 on June 4th, covering the following topics:


Mandatory use of the PEPPOL eDelivery Network in Germany – what does it mean and how to get connected?


  1. For whom is PEPPOL mandatory and from when?
  2. How does the PEPPOL and the 4-corner model work?
  3. How can German public sector entities and businesses start using PEPPOL?
  4. Questions and answers


All are invited to attend!


Please also come and visit us at the OpenPEPPOL booth.




For further details and registration at: