Feb 12, 2019


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Webinar – new PEPPOL Agreement Framework – FAQ Session


There is currently ongoing work to revise the PEPPOL Agreement Framework in order to maintain its alignment with developing specifications, policies and domains.


The current Transport Infrastructure Agreement (TIA) was developed in 2012 to provide interoperability in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network. Since then, PEPPOL has expanded with new PEPPOL Authorities, new application domains and new types of service providers with differing Service Level requirements.


To support future operations and continued interoperability in a dynamic and expanding market, OpenPEPPOL have decided to prepare and implement a revised agreement framework.


OpenPEPPOL invites all interested parties to a series of webinars where the overarching plan and strategy for the new PEPPOL Agreement Framework will be presented, and the impact of the revision can be discussed.


The webinars will provide ample opportunity to ask questions and make clarifications about the content of the changes and the consequences they may represent for your business.






Please note that the first two webinars cover the same material.

The last session allows all interested parties to ask questions and receive additional clarifications. 


All webinars are hosted as open GotoMeeting-sessions and do not require a specific invitation to participate. Simply click the URL above at the appropriate time to join the webinar.


For updated information about all ongoing Agreement revision activities, please refer to the OpenPEPPOL collaboration platform pages: Agreement Revision Activities 2018-2019