Apr 12, 2016 News

General Assembly 2016 materials now available

Presentation used during the General Assembly is now available. Also find the agendas and presentations from the CC parallel sessions in the morning.


The agenda from the 2016 General Assembly

  1. Participation and Agenda
    1. Approval of Agenda
    2. Participation and validity of Representation
    3. Appointment of scrutineer and minute taker
  2. Welcome and overview of OpenPEPPOL AISBL status
    1. 2015 activities in review
    2. Changes in operation, administration and fees
    3. Strategic vision for the future
  3. Approval of 2015 Accounts of the OpenPEPPOL AISBL (vote)
  4. Candidacy, appointments and election
    1. Candidacies, election and appointment of the OpenPEPPOL Treasurer (vote)
    2. Approval of CC leader elected and appointed by the Coordinating Communities (Approval)
    3. Candidacies, election and appointment of MC member(s) (discussion, vote)

Short break

  1. OpenPEPPOL Budget and Operational Plan for 2016
    1. Presentation of the Association’s objectives and activities for 2016
    2. Briefing on the Coordinating Community operational plan for 2016
      1. i.     Pre Award Coordinating Community
      2. ii.     Post Award Coordinating Community
      3. iii.     Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community
    3. Summary of operational plans and budget for 2016
    4. Questions and comments re: objectives, budget and operational plans
    5. Approval of 2016 operational plans and budget (vote)
  2. Approval of historical overview of dismissal, appointment and reappointment of management members for publication (vote)
  3. AOB
  4. Closing

Use the following links to open and download the files:

From the General Assembly

OpenPEPPOL 7th GA – complete presentation *

Attendee list General Assembly March 2016


From the Pre-Award and TICC session

Pre-Award and TICC meeting March 10th Agenda

Pre-Award general presentation

Pre-Award Challenges


From the Post-Award and TICC session

Post-Award and TICC meeting March 10th Agenda

TICC presentation

Post-Award Achievements 2015 and work plan 2016

European Norm (EN) for e-Invoicing *

PEPPOL Directory


* Links provided did not work – please click here to download a zip file with presentations.