Get involved

Get involved

Becoming a Member

By becoming a member of OpenPeppol, private and public organisations will have the unique opportunity to join forces and drive adoption of standards, process automation and connectivity across Europe and beyond.

In particular, OpenPeppol members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ensure relevance and usability of the Peppol specifications and services through an ongoing review of business requirements.
  • Influence the possible expansion of Peppol specifications, building blocks and services to other areas of use.
  • Influence the development of eProcurement standardisation and adoption of standards in Europe and beyond.
  • Access to a wide group of private and public sector members with expertise in multiple countries and industries.

If you want to know more about joining OpenPeppol, consider looking at our How to Join page.

Members of OpenPeppol are generally expected to participate, on a voluntary basis, in the activities of the communities to ensure a collaborative outcome of the work of the organization.

Join a Community

When joining OpenPeppol as a member, you have the possibility to join one or more communities depending on your areas of interest and to participate actively in the specification and development work handled by the association.

The members of Coordinating Communities are invited to:

  • Join regular web meetings
  • Attend two annual F2F meetings
  • Join work groups established by the Community
  • Apply for appointments to the Change Management Board,
  • Apply for appointments to the development teams and the test teams
  • Participate in member reviews of development activities

For more details about the communities, please look at the Join a Community page.

For more details about the ongoing specification and development work handled by the association, please look at the Join a Work Group page.