Membership of OpenPEPPOL is open to the following types of organisations:

  • Contracting authorities (public sector buyers)
  • Suppliers and other end-users of PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services
  • Government entities acting as PEPPOL Authorities within the PEPPOL network (according to provisions of the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements)
  • Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) Providers
  • Access Point Providers
  • eSignature Validation Service Providers
  • Pre-award Service Providers
  • Other organisations with a shared interest in the activities of OpenPEPPOL

As a condition of membership of OpenPEPPOL, a member shall accept the Statutes of the Association. OpenPEPPOL is aiming for a balanced stakeholder representation, and encourages SME associations, trade organisations and eProcurement providers to join the OpenPEPPOL community.

The full version of the OpenPEPPOL Statutes.

OpenPEPPOL membership is mandatory for PEPPOL Authorities, PEPPOL Access Point and SMP providers.


Registration form
Please contact to obtain the registration form.

Upon completing this form, please sign it and email a PDF version to: The OpenPEPPOL Managing Committee will review all applications and notify applicants as soon as possible about the results.

If joining as a PEPPOL Authority, a PEPPOL Access Point (AP) or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) provider, you are also required to sign the Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA).


Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of OpenPEPPOL, private and public organisations will have the unique opportunity to join forces and drive adoption of standards, process automation and connectivity across Europe.

In particular, OpenPEPPOL members enjoy the following benefits:
• Ensure relevance and usability of the PEPPOL specifications and services through an ongoing review of business requirements
• Influence the possible expansion of PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services to other areas of use
• Influence the development of eProcurement standardisation and adoption of standards in Europe
• Access to a wide group of private and public sector members with expertise in multiple countries and industries.


Membership fees

All members of OpenPEPPOL are required to pay an annual subscription fee to support the purposes and activities of the Association. Membership fees are decided by the OpenPEPPOL Management Committee.

The membership fee depends on the category of membership according to the table below – effective from January 2018.

No. Category of Membership Sign-up Fees in EUR Annual Fees in EUR
1 End-user of PEPPOL specifications, building blocks and services 150 750
2 PEPPOL Authority 3000 15000
3 Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) Providers
S1 size SMP providers (1-10 employees) who are also AP Providers n/a n/a
S1 size SMP providers who are not AP providers
750 1500
S2 to S5 SMP providers (more than 10 employees) 1500 1500
4 Access Point Providers
For S1 and S2 size organizations (1-50 employees) 750 1500
For S3 size organizations (51-250 employees) 1500 2250
For S4 size organizations (251-2500 employees) 1500 3000
For S5 size organizations (>2500 employees) 1500 3750
5 eSignature Validation Service Providers (Dormant) 750 1200
6 Pre-award Service Providers 500 800
7 Other type of interested organisation 100 500
8 Observer
For member organisations and  non-profit institutions with up to 1500 members/ employees 1500 750
For member organisations and  non-profit institutions with more than 1500 members/ employees 1500 1500