Feb 14, 2019 News

Member review of PEPPOL AS2 profile 2.0


The OpenPEPPOL eDelivery Change Management Board (eDelivery CMB) is pleased to announce the member review of the PEPPOL AS2 profile 2.0


Compared to the version currently in use (PEPPOL AS2 profile 1.01) the following has been changed:


  • Replacing SHA-1 with SHA-256 for message exchange to improve security in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network.
  • A new Transport Profile ID (busdox-transport-as2-ver2p0)
  • Replacing RFC2616 with RFC7230-RFC7235 allowing for use of more modern libraries (such as Jetty) and services (such as AWS Load Balancer).
  • Allowing for the same port ranges as the ones in the PEPPOL AS4 profile.


The PEPPOL AS2 profile 2.0 can be found on https://github.com/OpenPEPPOL/documentation/blob/master/TransportInfrastructure/PEPPOL-EDN-AS2-Profile-2.0-Draft-2019-02-13.docx



Review logistics

We kindly ask you to provide your comments in the online spreadsheet on https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qqXfV_5f572P6qjQyrwA3UzNsb6NFq184oq6LIrB04U/edit#gid=0

Review period

Please provide your comments no later than 24.00 CET on March 10, 2019.


The eDelivery CMB aims to publish the PEPPOL AS2 profile 2.0 no later than March 25 2019, before the Face 2 Face meeting in Brussels on March 26.