Aug 24, 2018 News

Member review of the PEPPOL AS4 2.0.0 profile


This is the member review of the PEPPOL AS4 Profile v.2.0.0 which can be found on


The need for a revision of the PEPPOL AS4 profile came from the realisation that version 1, that was published in the end of 2017, was found to be not fully compliant with the CEF eDelivery AS4 specification.


This divergence has created problems for Service Providers funded by CEF to implement AS4 but also raised a strategic challenge for OpenPEPPOL as countries are coming onboard requiring compliance with CEF eDelivery as a high-level policy.


Version 2.0.0 is fully compliant with the CEF AS4 profile. That will remain an overarching priority that will guide the change management process. As a consequence, comments during this member review that would potentially create diversions from CEF eDelivery will not be adopted directly but collected by the Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community Change Management Board (TICC CMB) and submitted to CEF eDelivery as change requests to their profile. With this approach, OpenPEPPOL will safeguard CEF eDelivery compliance but also maintain our autonomy by leveraging our influence to CEF specifications by contributing requirements as a stakeholder to the CEF eDelivery change management process.



Please provide your feedback no later than September 16 in this online spreadsheet:

Please do not edit or delete comments provided by someone else.


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If you missed the CEF and OpenPEPPOL AS4 migration session on August 21st, check out the video and presentations at: PEPPOL AS2 to AS4 Migration


On behalf of OpenPEPPOL and the eDelivery CMB I would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts.


Hans Berg

OpenPEPPOL eDelivery Community Leader