Apr 17, 2018 News

OpenPEPPOL 3.6.0 Spring Release Candidate review

The Spring release, version 3.6.0, of the PEPPOL Post-Award artefacts (BIS documents and validation artefacts) is now available for review.


Deadline for submitting comments is end of day Monday, April 23rd. Please send your comments by email to georg@midran.is



Due to some delays and that this is a small release wit bug fixes to only two BIS specification the review period is only one week. If you require more time please notify georg@midran.is


Release notes for 3.6.0 release candidate can be downloaded from https://github.com/OpenPEPPOL/peppol-bis/tree/master/release-notes


The 3.6.0 Spring release candidate can be downloaded from https://github.com/OpenPEPPOL/peppol-bis/tree/master/rules


Key points of this release

The release only affects two BIS specifications, Order agreement BIS42A and Dispatch Advice BIS30A.


– Fixed implementation of one rule in Order Agreement BIS42A.

– Fixed text of one rule in Order Agreement BIS42A to reference correct code list.

– Fixed implementation of one BII2 rule in Dispatch advice BIS30A.


Time plan:

7th of May 2018: Published as released.

14th of May 2018 12:00 CEST: Mandatory use.