Oct 12, 2018 News

OpenPEPPOL BIS3 upgrade Open Review


OpenPEPPOL BIS3 v1.0 upgrade Release Candidate for review


The BIS3 upgrade of all Post-Award OpenPEPPOL BIS specifications, other than BIS3 Billing, is now available for review.


Deadline for submitting comments is end of day Friday, October 26th.


Please send your comments according to review instructions in the Release notes that can viewed at the following link.




The full release package can be found at the following link.



Key points of this release

– Non backwards compatible major release.

– Aligns PEPPOL BIS to the EN 16931 invoice standard.

– Adopts several new business requirements.

– Addresses all parts of documentation for all BIS except Billing.


Time plan:

26th of October 2018: Deadline for comments.

15th of November 2018: Published as released for optional use.