Jun 14, 2018 News

OpenPEPPOL is changing PKI certificate infrastructure


OpenPEPPOL will migrate to a new PKI Certificate infrastructure in 2018, and the current platform will no longer be supported from November 30 2018.


As a result, all PEPPOL Access Points and Service Metadata Publishers will be required to implement the capability to support both the new and the old root certificates before 3 September 2018.



Migration process and important dates:


11 April

The new root certificates are available for download in Confluence


16 April

the certificate issuing process will begin and members are urged to request their PKI v3 certificate.
PKI v3 Prod/Test and AP/SMP Certificates can be requested in the Jira Service Desk


31 August

OpenPEPPOL will no longer issue PKI Version 2 certificate types


3 September

PKI Version 3 certificates can be used in production


30 November

PKI Certificate version 2 will be revoked and cannot be used in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network



For details, further information and downloadable Root CAs, please see the Introduction to the revised PKI Certificate infrastructure and issuing process and the PKI Certificate Migration 2018 pages.


For a detailed overview of the migration plan, dates and responsibilities for service providers please visit the PKI Certificate Migration page