Jul 11, 2016 News

OpenPEPPOL and EESPA join forces to produce a joint position paper on the EC Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement

As a first initiative following the recently announced cooperation between OpenPEPPOL and EESPA, a joint position paper has been produced to provide feedback to the European Commission regarding Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement.

Both parties have significant concerns with a provision in the Directive requiring all public sector contracting authorities to be capable of receiving electronic invoices in up to four syntaxes (technical languages).

The main concern is the complexity of supporting too many e-Invoicing standards which could inadvertently have a detrimental impact on the success of the initiative. In that light, OpenPEPPOL and EESPA have recommended two alternative options that they hope will be taken into consideration. The first being a recommendation to restrict the total number of syntaxes and the second being a recommendation to allow for some of the syntaxes to be optional.

Please see the position paper at: OpenPEPPOL and EESPA Position paper