Oct 25, 2017 News

OpenPEPPOL Guidance on the 2017-3 CEF Telecom Call for Proposals for eInvoicing

OpenPEPPOL encourage European stakeholders from the public and private sector to submit proposals for the CEF Telecom Call for Proposals for eInvoicing, utilising the PEPPOL specifications, services and governance framework where relevant. To this end, OpenPEPPOL has prepared a guidance document on the 2017-3 Call on eInvoicing, now available.


The document is prepared by OpenPEPPOL AISBL to guide its members in the preparation of proposals for the 2017-3 CEF Telecom Call for eInvoicing. The aim is to provide the main information applicants need to get started with their application.


This document includes extracts from the 2017 CEF eInvoicing Call text and the 2017 CEF Telecom Work Programme, but also subjective opinions based on previous experience and are meant solely to help OpenPEPPOL members understand the process and priorities. They are in no way intended to provide an authoritative interpretation or forecast pertaining to particular proposals. Any references contained in the document should be taken ’as is’ and should be cross-checked against the official Call documents published by the EC before being used in an actual proposal.


OpenPEPPOL recommends that its Members always cross-check with the Call documents and contact the CEF Helpdesk with any questions that they have related to eligibility, co-funding, submission and compliance issues, by contacting INEA-CEF-TELECOM-CALLS@ec.europa.eu.


OpenPEPPOL AISBL will provide guidance to national authorities on how to establish a PEPPOL Authority and help them to provide support for consortia who wish to prepare PEPPOL-based proposals for the 2017 CEF Telecom Call for Proposals for generic services for the eInvoicing DSI.


For more information about OpenPEPPOL and how the Association can provide support for public or private entities that would like to prepare PEPPOL-based proposals in the current CEF Telecom Call for Proposals, please contact info@peppol.eu.


20171025 OpenPEPPOL Guidance on CEF eInvoicing Call 2017-3-v4