Nov 16, 2018 News

OpenPEPPOL Release of the AS4 2.0.0 Profile



OpenPEPPOL has released the PEPPOL AS4 Profile 2.0.0 for implementation in the PEPPOL eDelivery Network.


The specification can be found at



The main features of the update are:


  • The PEPPOL AS4 profile now points directly to the CEF eDelivery AS4 Profile and provides only properties further profiled in PEPPOL


  • The PEPPOL profile now requires TLS encryption in the transport level


  • Compression is now mandatory in the PEPPOL profile


  • IPv4 and IPv6 are now supported as stated in the CEF profile


  • Introduces profiling of payload filename for easy adoption of existing AS4 product


  • Introduces a new transport profile identifier for use in the SMP



An overarching goal during the development of the profile has been to achieve full compliance with the CEF AS4 profile.