Feb 28, 2018 News

PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0

The PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 is now published, together with the migration plan.


The documents to be reviewed can be accessed here:


PEPPOL BIS:                 http://docs.peppol.eu/poacc/billing/3.0/

Stylesheet:                   https://github.com/OpenPEPPOL/peppol-bis-invoice-3/tree/master/stylesheet

Migration plan:            http://docs.peppol.eu/poacc/billing/3.0/

PEPPOL Validation:     https://github.com/OpenPEPPOL/peppol-bis-invoice-3/tree/master/rules/sch

Mapping UBL-CII:        https://github.com/OpenPEPPOL/peppol-bis-invoice-3/tree/master/mapping



Please note that this PEPPOL BIS is based on EN16931, and the specification will be a Core Invoice Usage Specification (CIUS) of EN16931. We strongly recommend to buy a copy of EN16931-1:2017 and corresponding syntax binding from your national standardisation body.


Information on document identifiers and registration in the SMP will be published shortly.