Jan 22, 2018 News

PEPPOL BIS review – Invoice Response BIS63

Dear PEPPOL members.


This is an invitation to review and comment on the new OpenPeppol Business Interoperability Specification BIS63 for an Invoice Response message.


This BIS is designed to enable receivers of Invoices to send a response to the Invoice sender to give a status of the Invoice in the receivers invoice processing, with explanatory details.


Attached are two files.


The review period is about 30 days, until end of Monday February 26th


Please submit your comments to georg@midran.is or ahti.allikas@opuscapita.com using the attached comment sheet. Please note that when commenting it is important to provide a Proposed change.


Best regards,

Ahti Allikas, work group lead

Georg Birgisson, technical editor