Dec 13, 2018 News

PEPPOL BIS version 3.0 for Post-Award published

The project to upgrade PEPPOL BIS specifications so that they are aligned with the PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 has come to a completion with the publishing of the following BIS documents.


PEPPOL BIS Order only 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Ordering 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Catalogue only 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Despatch Advice 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Punch Out 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Order Agreement 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Message Level Response 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Invoice Response 3.0


The project was initiated in January this year and involved active participation and contribution from multiple OpenPEPPOL members. The above BIS version 3.0 documents are optional until the transition date of 2019-05-15, when they will become the mandatory versions.


The BIS documents can be accessed here: