May 15, 2017 News

Spring release of OpenPEPPOL Specifications and Validation artifacts MANDATORY

Key point of this release

– Deprecation of PEPPOL BIS 4A and 5A version 1.0

– Several  validation  rules  optimized  according  to  incoming RFCs

– Core XSLT files have been placed in a new folder XSLTCore

– Added BIS 18A Punchout and validation artifacts and transmission specification

– Added BIS 42A Order Agreement including validation artifacts

– Added BIS 36A version 2.0 for review

– Editorial updates BIS


To access and download the Spring release

please go to the Post-Award ‘BIS’ Specifications and Guidelines page.


Time plan:

Monday 15th of May 2017 12:00 CEST: Published for release and Mandatory use.


Please implement support for the release as soon as possible.


Validation artefacts are the tools that help parties and service providers to comply with the PEPPOL Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIA) as they help ensuring that the contents of the exchanged document instances in the PEPPOL network are valid both from a syntactical and semantic point of view. These business rules check for the correctness of the coded values, co-occurrence constraints or calculations. It is therefore necessary to use them before submitting documents to the network, in order to ensure the overall quality of exchanged electronic documents, and thus the overall performance of the network.