Dec 9, 2019 News

[UPDATE] Migration to BIS Billing 3.0


Migration to BIS Billing 3.0 is underway and we are soon reaching the phase-out date of 31 December 2019. Unfortunately, it can be seen from the capability registrations that a substantial number of receivers are still missing the registration of the mandatory BIS Billing 3.0.


This is a breach of compliance with the mandatory BIS principle since BIS Billing 3.0 has been mandatory requirement for any invoice receiver since 18 April 2019.


For authoritative information on the migration policy you should refer to the BIS Billing 3.0 migration plan, recently updated by PoAC to make clearer what should be expected after the phase out date of 31 December 2019 as well as explaining how the migration policy applies to derivative document formats that are based on Peppol BIS 5a and 4a (version 2.3 or older).


The updated migration plan can be found here: and we encourage all Peppol members to study this.


From January 2020 onwards, OpenPeppol will consider measures including, but not limited to, publishing records of non-compliant receiver registration, initiating compliance breach handling procedures towards Service Providers that still facilitate it, and removing deprecated document identifiers. Any such measures will be announced with adequate lead time before they apply.