Dec 16, 2019 News

[UPDATE] Peppol migration to AS4 – Slides and Recording from AS4 Webinar


Latest reminder and an update regarding the ongoing migration of the Peppol eDelivery Network from the AS2 protocol to AS4, as well as the upcoming deadline for getting AS4 capability implemented by all Peppol Service Providers on the 1st of February 2020.

Please refer to the AS2-AS4 Migration Policy, just published, explaining the relevant dates and rules surrounding this migration. The migration policy can be found here:


A. Where we are today


Status as of 2019-12-16 is that 67 Service Providers have completed the AS4 onboarding test through Peppol’s centralized testbed. This still leaves a big number of currently certified providers (AS2) who have not yet done the AS4 accreditation.


All Peppol AS4 certified service providers are now placed in their own space on our website: making it easy for end users to find any Peppol AS4 certified provider.


Note that countries like Australia and New Zealand, but also the public sector in Germany and Lithuania, only accept Peppol traffic using the Peppol AS4 profile


B. AS4 Mandatory after 2020-02-01.


The important deadline is 2020-02-01 where all Peppol Service Providers must have support for the Peppol AS4 profile and all receivers must be registered with AS4 as a minimum.


AS4 certification is done using OpenPeppol’s central testbed. Guide and information related to the AS4 test can be found here:


Other relevant links:


C. AS2v2 Optional after 2020-02-01.


AS2v2 has been in a transition in since 1.4.2019, which means that it will be the optional AS2 version, whereas AS2v1 will be obsolete. Aligning the dates with the AS4 transition means that this is only relevant for those that will continue supporting AS2 after 2020-02-01.


D. AS4 migration Webinar held on 17 December 2019


Presentations from the webinar can be found at: Presentation_AS4_Webinar_OpenPeppol


The recording of the webinar can be found at: