Italy – Country Profile

Italy – Country Profile

National e-Procurement context


The Italian national public procurement strategy is focused on the aggregation of demand, competencies and technology to increase transparency and efficiency. In April 2016, the EU Directives on Public Procurement were transposed into national law (D.Lgs 50/2016), setting out the following requirements:

  • To integrate the national eProcurement systems into a single and interoperable network
  • To align the Italian procedures with the European requirements
  • To harmonize all eProcurement procedures and platforms in order to create a Digital Single Market


AgID, the Italian Agency for Digitisation coordinates the activities to foster eProcurement in the public sector and defines the technical rules for interoperability. In August 2016, the technical rules for eProcurement systems have been published, paving the way for the adoption of the Peppol eDelivery network as the foundation for interoperability at a national and EU level.



Since 2015, electronic invoicing to the public sector is mandatory for all levels of public administrations. Suppliers have to send electronic invoices in a national XML format, FatturaPA. The Region of Emilia-Romagna has implemented the Peppol Business Interoperability Specifications (BIS) and is currently using orders, invoices and dispatch advices in the Peppol format, while ensuring interoperability with the national eInvoicing format.


Current developments

AgID is currently leading the following three eProcurement actions, funded through the Connecting European Facility (CEF), with the relevant national stakeholders:


  1. The national eInvoicing system (Sistema Di Interscambio – SDI) will be upgraded in accordance with Directive 2014/55/EU. As a result, Italian Public Bodies will be able to accept electronic invoices compliant with the European eInvoicing standard.


  1. e-Certis will be integrated in the centralised Italian Tender Monitoring System (SIMOG) – managed by the Authority for Anti-Corruption ANAC – and in the eProcurement platforms of two central purchasing bodies. (eCertis is the information system that helps to identify the different certificates requested in procurement procedures across the EU).


  1. The European Single Procurement Document (eESPD) will be implemented at national level by integrating the EU data model into the SIMOG system, in Central Purchasing Bodies and national aggregators’ systems. The various implementations will be interoperable and fully compliant with EU rules.


Peppol Authority


AgID is setting up a Peppol Authority in Italy which will become operational during 2017 and will perform the following activities, supported by the Region of Emilia Romagna:


  • On-boarding Access Point providers, providing support for testing and validation
  • Provide a centralised Peppol SMP, listing public sector entities capable of receiving Peppol messages
  • Ensure compliance with the Peppol legal framework and policies for Access Point providers
  • Providing guidance and information to end-users


The Region of Emilia Romagna developed national extensions of the Peppol BIS 5A (invoice), BIS 5A (credit note), BIS 3A (order), BIS 30A (dispatch advice) in use at national level.




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