Jan 19, 2018 News

Work on the next PEPPOL Post Award release, version 3.6.0 (2018 Spring Release) is in process

The current activity is the collection of Requests for Changes (rfc) to be considered into the release.


Key planned dates for the release are the following:


February 12.– Cut-off date for Requests for Changes.

March 26.– Review of release candidate initiated.

April 9. – Review period ends (current plan but may be delayed one week because of Easter)

May 7. – Publication of PEPPOL version 3.6.0 (may shift one week)

May 14. – Mandatory use of PEPPOL version 3.6.0 (may shift one week)


PEPPOL members who wish to submit change request for consideration into this release must submit those changes by email to rfc@peppol.eu no later than end of February 12th.